About Me.

Hi… Again.

You already know my name is Teetó, but my real name is actually Oluwaferanmi.
Yeah… You can pronounce it well; just wait until your hear those Non-Yoruba people say my name, and it’s gon be a battle. Hence, I started to bear Teetó, which was coined from Tit’oluwanimi.

I am a perpetual phone presser (Not a yahoo girl). I’m just usually on my phone, telling stories for individuals and brands in the simplest, most relatable and engaging manner, because that’s me… Simple girl. Except I’m also sophisticated coz I’m a church girl. Safe to say, SPIRIKOKO WITH FINESSE.

I love to meet new people and I’m good at keeping up with conversations that have to do with creating content, love and Jesus until it’s time to make calls and I have ‘Phone call anxiety’ or whatever that’s called, so I just prefer to chat. Jooget?

They call me ‘Overall best in recommending good music’ because it’s what I love to do, so for everytime I publish a post, be rest assured of beautiful songs from my playlist.

I’m kinda badass at everything I do because I’m self-motivated, enthusiastic about growth, forward thinking and GRACED, to say the most.
I want everyone around me to grow and how I do that is contributing my quota which is why I wrote you this book on SMASHING YOUR GOALS. It’s called ‘SHOOT FOR THE STARS’.

Everyone is living on Inshallah and Vibes and setting goals is pivotal to actually getting things done excellently, so why not?

Yeah, that’s that about me.
It’s so great to have you here, and you can just subscribe to my blog so it’s easy to reach you.