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Speaking about words…
Have you ever thought about how everyday words, especially those ones that seem harmless, can actually mess with your brain and emotions? It’s like having a sneaky ninja messing around in your head!

So picture this… You’re just hanging out with friends, having a good time, and someone jokingly says your teeth are brown, just because… Yes! Just because! And everyone including you laughs about it.

Harmless, right? But your brain doesn’t quite see it that way. Even though you might brush it off and join in the laughs, your brain goes all Sherlock Holmes on it, making you wonder if your teeth are that bad, and how you should go see a dentist or not smile so broadly anymore.

It’s like a little seed planted in your subconscious. Every time you trip, that statement pops up like a clip in your head. Suddenly, your self-confidence gets a little shaky, all thanks to that one seemingly harmless statement.

Your subconscious mind, that mysterious part of your brain that works in the shadows, takes these words and runs with them.

Now, here’s the catch…

You totally get that those words are harmless? You’re not buying into it, but your subconscious? That one is all in.

Give your brain a reality check. When those “harmless” words come knocking, ask yourself, “Is this really true? Does this define me?”

It probably doesn’t. Or maybe it does… your teeth may really be brown, but maybe it’s because you have milk teeth. Or not… maybe you just don’t clean your teeth well enough.

But… take a deep breath and remind yourself of all the awesome stuff you’ve got going on. Positive affirmations, my friend, they’re like kryptonite for those sneaky words in your subconscious.

And hey, when someone teases you or uses words that give you a very weird/ uncomfortable vibe, take a moment. You get to decide what sticks and what slides right off your mental umbrella.

Lol… it won’t be easy, but try. Don’t forget that positive affirmations are like kryptonite. Use them!

If you’re the one tossing around those seemingly harmless words that end up chaos…

…understand that it’s like you’ve got this magical wand that can cast invisible spells.

Sure, you might think it’s all in fun, but those words are like broken pieces that stick in the corners of someone’s mind. They become part of how they see themselves. If you call someone “clumsy,” they might start questioning every step they take. If you label them “ugly”, they might feel like they need to be or do more to feel good.

You honestly don’t have to say anything about anybody if it’s not a compliment. If it’s not positivity, you might as well keep it to yourself.

Listen… kindness isn’t so hard to pull off. Instead of tossing around words that might mess with someone’s head, why not sprinkle some positivity?

Every word you say has the power to create ripples. Choose words that empower and uplift, you might just be making someone’s day, week, or even year. So go forth, sprinkle kindness, and let your words be a force for good.


12 thoughts on “Hey you, word explorer”

  1. Can’t say how much this my voice has gotten comments and all. It is one thing I would rather you would not use to joke with me but hey, everyone still does it

  2. Thank you for this amazing piece. At a point i felt i was proud and jealous anytime i converse with my friend and she comment with an harmless word in a joking way i just choose to totally ignore and it has been really helpful

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