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The will of God

If I want to get involved in something and I can see the consequences of that thing, I have reasons to not do it. I understand that things would go wrong and I don’t want that.

But what happens when there’s nothing? There’s no obvious evil, no signs of danger. Nothing at all!

I’m doing my best, serving God, and giving it my 100% and because I worship God, I should have the ‘best of things’ right???

However, what seems like the best of things seems to keep eluding me, and the pressure keeps getting ‘wesser’…What happens?

All I have are “WHYs?”. Lol… Just WHYs.

What do you do when you’re requesting something dear to your heart and it feels like God isn’t listening and… You’re absolutely tired of praying?

I mean… We all go through stuff, and for someone like me, I believe that when you go through stuff, you should have a conversation with God, really.

But you know, it gets to a point that you don’t even want to have that conversation anymore. You feel like he’s just up there, listening to everything you have to say, but he is not responding. He can hear, but you have the feeling that he wants you to just stay there and beg over and again.

I asked a question sometime ago, and a friend said, ‘It’s like asking if God heals the sick. He does… IF HE WANTS’.

If he wants?? Wait… If he wantsss??!

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That’s overly dramatic because I already knew this fact; I just didn’t want to come to terms with it at the point coz it was conflicting with my desires.

Likeee… ‘Why won’t HE want? This legit looks like a good thing. This is a good plan; I’m not seeing anything wrong with this. Why are you doing this, God?’ WHYYYY?

It’s a pretty annoying place to be, trust me…All my life (at least, since I received Christ), I’ve been about ‘Only God’s will, Only God’s will’. It’s difficult, sometimes, but it’s about FAITH AND TRUST.

And accepting God’s will? It entails laughing hard and saying ‘OK’ when all you want to do is scream the roof down and cry in ‘Whhhyyyyy???’

But God’s ways are not our ways, and his will always comes with interruption. An interruption of plans, desires, choices et al.

Yo… It’s a state of ABSOLUTE SURRENDER.

They were singing ‘Spirit, Lead me where my trust is without borders’ and your hands were high up and in the spirit and you’re here now, doing ‘I can take care of myself’.

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😂😂😂 You left the group chat, dear.

No be you get your life. YOU NO FIT!

Listen… There’s a certainty that God loves you, even more than you think or imagine.

You may not understand why some things happen to you, or why you’re going through whatever because GOD’S CHOICES DON’T MAKE SENSE… but what you should know is WHO IS WITH YOU, and that who is the one who knows the end before the beginning.



He’s not ignoring you, but he won’t let you do what will be detrimental to you, all the same. There’s always something he’s passing across and until you get the drift and learn the lesson, you’ll keep going through whatever it is.

So, ask him the work he wants to happen in this process, and what he wants you to learn, but ensure that your ears are not blocked, and your heart’s not shut against absorbing, because at the end of the day…

Peace Is Perfect Sight; Learning to see things as God does!


When we do, we’ll have a better perspective and our souls can totally rest in God’s embrace.

One day, you’ll think back and see why everything is happening the way it is; everything will all make sense and you’ll be grateful.

But for now… I pray that you find the strength to trust God, regardless. I ask for Grace to focus on God and trust his judgment. You’re strengthened by God’s own spirit.

Yours in Love,


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