This ‘Purpose’ thing

So, you’ve read every ‘Who am I?’ book you found because It’s always been about living the ‘Purpose-Driven life’ for you. But if you really found your purpose, I bet you wouldn’t have listened to ‘How to find your purpose’ or any book/ sermon on finding yourself for the 100th time.

Now, if you still have a problem understanding your purpose, otherwise called your reason for existence, also known as why You’re here on earth…You should read this to the end.

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I decided to be a God-er and I was told to find my purpose. It scared me because I knew God wouldn’t speak audibly, giving step-by-step procedures on how to go about it.

One thing I was sure of is that I wasn’t going to go into every stall in Oshodi market looking for PURPOSE. It was more annoying because I knew that after praying, I’d still have reasons to doubt that God actually spoke to me, which would have led me into more confusion.

So, where in the world would I find Purpose?

Fast forward to today, I realize that when I stopped searching for purpose, I was no longer confused about what purpose meant.

I realize that I don’t need to FIND my purpose because all that I’ll ever be has been embedded in me and my raison d’etre has been one thing and one thing alone. – To serve God and Humanity.

Misty Sansom is passionate about helping people understand their purposes. Pastor Ejimi is passionate about helping people build Kingdom wealth. Blessing Abeng is passionate about helping people and organizations build and communicate their brands. Olanrewaju of Areai is committed to taking digital education to schools and communities in rural areas in Nigeria. P.Daniel just wants to pour Fire because we must be many in this Kingdom and Lawrence Oyor wants people to love on Jesus and Charge because he has sworn to God that ‘Men will pray’.

Now, all these people didn’t have to FIND their purposes. They DISCOVERED it.

It’s always been there- the passion; the drive. It’s always been something they loved to do which was probably developed by experiences they have had or even skills that they gained. They built their brands around what they’re passionate about and they keep fulfilling purpose.

Now… My writing, Worship, Counselling are vehicles that will take me to fulfilling purpose. These things aren’t purpose in itself. They’re means to an end, not the end.

You’re probably rolling your eyes, wondering ‘what then is my purpose?

Purpose is an unfolding path and not a plan. It starts from what you’re doing now and how faithful you are to it and It’s surrounded by 4 major factors; So, ask yourself:

  1. What are you good at?
  2. What do you love doing?
  3. What does the world need?
  4. What can you get paid for?

YOUR PURPOSE IS SERVICE! Putting in your 100%! Using the talents and gifts God has given you, unhesitatingly and unapologetically, and paying attention to God’s heart while you’re at it. Your purpose isn’t for yourself; it’s for humanity.

So… Tech bro, who this?? We know you love what you do, even it’s because of the money. But how can you help the world with your tech skills? You’re making the money and living the life that I’m running away from. What can you do wo help Humanity?

Dear lawyer, doctor, fashion designer, writer, environmentalist, artist, singer, pastor… These titles aren’t your purpose, they’re simply vehicles/ assignments.

How can you be of service to the world? That’s your PURPOSE.

Story time…

My mom once scolded me for mixing my eggs, tomatoes and seasoning in the same bowl before pouring in hot oil. (African mother palava, lmao).

Sometime ago, she scolded me for not whisking the yolk and egg white before pouring it in the tomatoes fry, saying I had to follow how she taught me to fry eggs because that’s how her mom taught her. Respectfully, I told her the most important thing is the end result which is FRIED EGGS and not the method used in frying it.

That’s how purpose is, and funnily so.

Purpose is constant. Your assignment/ plans or vehicle could change. You could travel to Abuja by Air or Road. The only thing is you’ll most likely not feel your butt and legs anymore by the time you get there if you go by road… but you’ll still get to ABUJA.

Hence, regardless of the vehicle that takes you to your purpose, the goal is your purpose.

There’ll be obstacles because you’ll probably have to find clarity in motion, but nothing is enough to stop you except you and your mindset, which is why you should not speak butterfly language to caterpillar people because they’ll not understand the phase you’re in and if you’re not careful, you’ll give in to their opinions of what you have to offer.

It’s now time to take your Purpose Discovery from Puny to Brawny coz Tick Tock says the Clock.

Cheers to discovering purpose.

Teetoluwa ❤️

21 thoughts on “This ‘Purpose’ thing”

  1. Thanks for this! I woke up today with this same topic stressing my heart out. And I’ve decided to let go of whatever I think ‘it’ is and just ‘let GOD’ cos o ti su mi.

  2. Thank you for blessing life and edifying our soul…
    Keep being you baby!!!
    More Grace
    More passion
    More of him(ABBA Father)

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