The mountains we climb

One thing I’ve learned about growth is that it’s a natural part of life that without challenges, we can’t attain.

But nahhh… Saying ‘challenges’ sounds somehow, doesn’t it? Like dumbbells or weights you have to lift at every turn you take or potholes you have to fill up as you walk along your street because if you don’t, moving on might be impossible. Well… Except you wanto enter pit. 😏

So, I prefer to use mountains. That’s better, I think. Maybe because I love my sleep and I know that at the top of the mountain, the breeze no be here.🤭🤭

Unfortunately, this post has nothing to do with sleeping at the top of the mountain. 

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Every mountain requires a climb. Sometimes, it’s steep and sometimes, it’s OK. While some people have small legs and need more steps, some have giant ones and don’t require so much effort.

Regardless of how strong or weak you are, climbing requires effort but if you can see the top of a mountain, then it’s only a matter of time before you get there.

Typically, these mountains are like walls/ fences/ barriers we build by ourselves and for ourselves; Sometimes, by past experiences. Self-doubt, Failure, Grief, Rejection, etc. are some of the common ones.

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Now, I know there’s a lot of things you want to do. You know you have to do them but you’re of the notion that only an anointed few have the chops to do it and you’d rather binge-watch ALCHEMY OF SOULS or EXTRAORDINARY ATTORNEY WOO than do it. Well… 🤲🏾❌💯

I’d sit on projects for months. Doubt myself even when I knew literally, ‘I’ve got this’ coz ion want to be disappointed or berated. I’m an endless thinker, planner, and dreamer but was also an excellent procrastinator (I’m getting better), lmao. And this procrastination is borne out of perfectionism and fear of rejection.

Guess what this did… It frittered away my opportunities.

On Becoming…

As we climb, we come face to face with our fears, insecurities, and all. We reflect on our past relationships and what they did to us, grow, lose and find ourselves and find the strength to keep on keeping on even to the top of the mountain. It’s Becoming!

Becoming encompasses more than what we perceive ourselves to be or want to be, one day.

I believe that for every phase or level of growth one is, there’s been something (not outrightly) negative they’ve had to learn from; Something that sharpens their perspective and makes them better people.

It’s a process. A process of becoming that I believe I’m going through and the skin I’m shedding because climbing Mt. Everest isn’t the focus, it’s the life lessons that matter.

It’s experiencing the climb itself with the moments of pain, heartbreak, fatigue, etc. that matters more.

I would say humans learn faster from personal experiences. But since you are human, you already know that right?

Then enjoy the process of becoming. Climb that mountain of failure and grow from your failures. There’s always something to learn from it that makes you grow coz when you learn, you’ll not repeat your mistakes, provided you’re wise.

Did you know that for every time you make a mistake, you’ve learnt to do, and differently too?

You probably have done things you’re not proud of and it makes you just box yourself in… Don’t do that! Own it with your full chest. It’s done already, you’ve learned.

Maybe what you did before didn’t yield much, TRY AGAIN. Don’t second-guess yourself.

Don’t sit on your potential. 🤝🏾

Turn your weaknesses and insecurities into growth spurts. Decide to be better. It will claim mount Everest, but if you decide to climb it regardless of the pain you feel in your ankle and the aches in your thighs, YOU’LL GET TO THE MOUNTAIN TOP.

Thank you for reading today, again.


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