22 en 22: Lessons learnt

I didn’t want to clock 22. LoL.

Not like I wanted to die o, but I just didn’t want to. And the day I realized I would be 22 in only a couple of weeks, I had to be sure, so I carried a calculator and deducted my birth year from 2023.

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Sha Sha… I’ve clocked it! I just turned 22 and here are the major lessons I learned in 22 years of my life.

Embrace Change: Life is a series of transformations and adaptability is key.

Failure fuels Growth,Mistakes teach valuable lessons, don’t fear them. For everytime you make a mistake and try again, you’re doing something differently. Failure is a stepping stone, not a dead end.

Learn to Say No. Boundaries protect your time and well-being. You should not break your neck coz of anyone. Do only what you can do at a time.

Learn Continuously, the thirst for knowledge never diminishes. Be updated, Stay updated.

Practice Gratitude; there’s no use sulking over how not-your-way things didn’t go. Count your blessings; Focusing on them breeds positivity.

Don’t lose yourself in anything that’s not God. You’ll regret it. You’ll cry.

It’s not every time spend-spend. Learn to manage money wisely. Save! Invest! You’ll be glad when it comes to good use.

Let go of Perfection and Strive for progress, not flawless outcomes. Don’t paralyze that idea just because you want to attain perfection. Na from clap dance dey start.

Give Back; Helping others brings fulfillment. God commands it too.

Surround yourself with positivity and set boundaries. Your lack of boundaries will turn you into an ‘everything goes’ person. And trust me, you’ll hate yourself.

Face your fears; Growth often lies on the other side of fear. And for everytime you face them, you become fearless. Take risks.

You have no business being in a relationship if your go-to is hitting someone’s head with shoe when they offend you. You’ll kill someone’s child!

Define Success for Yourself; Don’t let society dictate your path. What does success mean to you?

Learn from Criticism: Constructive feedback helps personal development. It’s difficult, but it helps you in the long run.

Embrace Solitude. Sometimes, be alone. Let your brain think. It’s not everytime show, party. Rest!

Never Stop Dreaming. Set fearless yet realistic goals and aspirations at every stage.

Live with Intention; Purposeful choices lead to a meaningful life. Make a decision to leave people and places better than you meet them. That’s simply living purposefully.

Embrace Rejection. Understand that it’s a redirection towards better opportunities. Also, note that no one can reject you. They could reject your work or something, but not you. Get the drift, do better, move on!

Love Yourself. Treat yourself with the same kindness you show others. How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.

Cultvate a Growth Mindset. See challenges as chances to learn. Learn to see a lesson in everything.

Quality over Quantity. Fewer genuine friendships trump many superficial ones. Not just in friendships, but in everything you do. The quality should be much greater than the numbers. Invest in quality.

God is furiously in love with you and nothing you do can change his mind. His love is eternal.

What one lesson has stuck with you over the years?I’m waiting for you in the comments!

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