Perks of Jealousy

So, you went to church on Sunday and the preacher said You’re more like a witch because you’re jealous of your neighbor, or maybe not.

People around you give unsolicited advice that you should never get jealous of your neighbor.

Well, I guess we all are hypocrites 馃槉 coz there’s no damn way that’s possible. I know you’re coming at me right now, but I’ll just tell you to USE THIS DEVIL TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.

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I grew up with the mindset that I shouldn’t be jealous of anyone and every time I got jealous of anyone’s achievements, I would beat myself up and feel so terrible. (That wasn’t until I gained admission into the university though).

I still get jealous of people 馃き but the difference between THEN and NOW is what I’ll be exposing you to in today’s post.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t like feeling like a bad belle or a witch because please, what is flowing in me isn’t Ribena; It’s actual blood.

The first time I saw someone admit their feeling of Jealousy, it was beautiful to see, tbh; because it taught me something (A lot, actually).


For some months now, I have seen rapid growth in the ministries of three people (two, I’m following so closely and the other, at a distance.) I saw how the progress of two of the three skyrocketed instantly and the third one, moving gradually.

Then, I think… How does this lady feel? What’s going through her mind rn? For sometime, she stopped appearing on Social Media and I kept keeping track of her activities.

When she eventually appeared, she would post the pictures of these guys and caption it ‘ore mi’ (my friend), constantly promoting their works whenever it was needed.

It may not sit well with her. She may be uncomfortable. 90% of the time, humans become uncomfortable with their friend’s progress when they remain on the same spot (especially when they’re into the same business).

Really…You’ve been told it’s a sin to be jealous of people. No dear, it’s not a sin. You’ve been told that being jealous shows that you’re not content with what you have. In most cases, that’s not valid.

Bust these myths and more and you’ll live a peaceful life.

Undoubtedly, it’s one thing to be going through something that makes you doubt that God sees you and get jealous because of what someone else is doing and having to battle feeling like a witch. 馃樂

It’s about how you express your feelings and not the feelings itself. It’s like telling me to not to get angry. I will because there’s still someone out there who wants me to see shege cry ‘Godu abeg o’ everyday.

It’s Ok to feel the way you feel; It’s Ok to be Jealous. It validates your humanity.

See that lady shaking things up, that girl busting brains, the guy whose business keeps expanding everyday, the friend that’s earning 10脳 what you’re earning in a month, that person that has a relationship/ family you wish for, the friend that seems to have anything she puts her hands in come to life and blossom endlessly, the person you wish you were, so badly… LEARN FROM THEM.

Let the jealousy and willingness to be like them inspire you to be a better person. A full option guy/babe. Trust me… They didn’t get there by being jealous and spending time hating on others.

Maybe they did, but they invested their time in growing, building themselves, becoming better. The jealousy spurred inspiration to do good works. You see those people you’re jealous of?? They worked their way to that point. If they didn’t have something they stood for; substance, value, something people can hold on to, they wouldn’t have gotten the opportunities that you’re jealous of.

I’m providing great services, my content is 馃挴, I’m putting my 100%, I dey pray oo, I have professional certificates, I’m one of the best in… but I’m not getting results’.

See… this thing is a function of Hard work + Grace. Stay prayed up. Continually show up. Be consistent. Continue doing what you do, put in 100%. Hope! Rid your heart of debris, Trust God. Patienceeee….

Take a few choice snacks and maybe a stretch or two of airplane mode. You’ll be fine, trust me.

Na wetin I say make I tell you be that. Sha know say I love you 馃き

馃挴Teetoluwa 鉂わ笍

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  1. A lot of things termed as sin are supposed to be reanalyzed too.

    Jealousy becomes an issue when the motive and the action after such feeling is a negative one.

    Get jealous, learn, love and grow

    Thank you Teeto

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