Be Lighted

In the christian-dom today, it’s quite common place to hear ‘light’, ‘be a light’… Light Light Light… Yunno

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You know… I’ve been thinking of what it means to be (a) light.

For about two years now, I’ve been pretty conscious of the phrase ‘…being a light’, and to me, it was more of being a helper, someone who has made him/ herself ready to help others grow, or better still, someone who is seen as a role model which is usually a result of being the persons previously listed.

It’s just like having a torch and because at that point, you have an advantage over others, you can guide them with your torch.

It can also be likened to a transformer. A transformer supplies electricity to an entire community, as long as they’re connected to it. It’s the source of power for that community.

That’s what God expects of you. That’s what you should be to the world. Light that shines bright, infiltrating the dark places of the earth. You know…

A part of Lord’s prayer says ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven’, and brahhhh, the day I realized that I’m meant to bring Heaven to Earth. That we as christians are meant to do things on earth so it looks exactly like what heaven looks like, and is exactly what heaven is… I understood what it means to be light.

Light is a gift and it’s beautiful. Remember the first time someone told you about something that makes your life easy and you found it tested and trusted. Think again about how you felt.


I thought more of the essence of life, death and afterlife more than ever and I resolved to SERVE people more.

Something happened. I met someone who made me really want to do better. Not like I didn’t want to be that person before I met her, but I became more intentional about all of that so much, and this time, it wasn’t fueled by a need for approval or something, but the overflow of the love of God in me.

I then realized there’s much more to being the light of the world than carrying the name. It’s bringing out the God-colors, and then I remembered that whenever I talk to Abba, I call him the respledence of the world.

At this point, I began to think of the very hues of the rainbow, the mysteries that abound in it that makes God, God and the very nature of God that makes the world beautiful… And how I’m supposed to live those colors out loud. How?

Easily my favorite verse of the bible… 馃馃従


 Think of your contribution to another as an assignment from God and carry it out with your full chest. Somebody somewhere needs YOU to activate YOU so they can be lit by YOUR LIGHT.

The people you’ll light up most rarely come to you (Not everyone is courageous to admit that they need help), you go to them. Darkness doesn’t come to light, light is introduced to darkness and it infiltrates it.


 What’s keeping you from shining your light? Are you intimidated? Or is it fear?

Whatever it is… Don’t let fear or dread that you may be rejected or turned down keep you from shining your light. Your goal is more important than rejection.

Rejection dey sting Sha… But even though upon still!

Even successful people dread rejection, but they believe their goal is worth it. 

You may not be needed by everybody, but there’s definitely somebody who needs you. You’re capable of motivating someone. You could be the atmosphere that unlocks the creativity of another (trust me, I know what this means) .

Someone has been waiting for you his whole life, and they are actually worth pursuing. DON’T DENY THEM THAT OPPORTUNITY.

Massive shout-out to y’all who have shone your light and are not planning to back down. Please, stay lit. The world needs your ‘amazingness’ more than you ever thought or imagined.

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