Dealing with Rejection

Dealing with Rejection could be hard. In fact, dem serve me breakfast last week.

I have had a fair share of the rejection saga, and I hate it. I hate being boxed out.

Who wants to walk into a room, and everyone acts like you’re nothingness in its glorified state?

Or… Would you love to be in a circle of friends where you have to prove yourself over again, that you’re worth being friends with?

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Rejections are the most common emotional wounds we sustain in daily life and we’re all open to breakfast which we actually do in Buffet style, but then… Rejection hurts, no matter how you slice or dice it.

Your crush might have turned you down. Your group of friends has boxed you out, or you probably didn’t get your dream job after applying. No matter what form of rejection it is, it’s heartbreaking when someone tells you “NO” after putting in your all.

When you get rejected, it’s normal to be unkind to yourself and start coming up with all kinds of ideas about what’s wrong with you. It can be enough to make you want to stop putting yourself out there again altogether.

However, if you allow one rejection to damper your self-worth and hold you back, it can have far-reaching consequences, as small as it may be in reality. In fact, dealing with rejection in unhealthy ways can negatively impact your relationships.

Don’t let rejection stop you from trying again.

If there’s anything to learn from rejection, it’s that rejection is an inevitable part of life and every successful person has experienced it. And it doesn’t even matter how good they are at crafting great Resumes, proposals and cold emails.

A friend posted that she has received way too many rejections, but as is Linkedin style, she was still so thrilled that she revamped her CV and resumed application to more companies. Now, that is a mindset that regardless of the number of rejections she has, it’s not worth giving up.

The understanding that YOU CAN NOT BE REJECTED can help you deal with rejection. Your work can be rejected, same as your pitch. Your submission may not be approved, and you may even receive rejection emails and all, but YOU are not rejected.

It doesn’t devalue what you have to offer or whom you are.

A lot of people have gone through this process. And yeah, rejection is a process because when anything you do gets rejected, it’s channeling you towards an improvement on yourself and do better, and if you pay attention to it, you’ll definitely do better.

It could also mean that whatever is not meant for you, isn’t. Shikena!

So the next time you’re turned down for a date or a promotion you’ve been gunning for, remind yourself that rejection happens to everyone (It’s not a curse).

Instead of allowing yourself to be devastated and beat down, ask yourself what you can do, going forward.

“The most important thing is not to sit in the rejection, but to say; Is there anything I can learn from this experience? And then what can I do moving forward? Where can I go?”

I really hope that henceforth, your attitude towards rejection changes. That you see rejection as a pointer to work harder and be more (even though it could be village people and you might need a stretch). That you also see a reason to learn from every disappointment.


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