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You know… I’ve been thinking. About work, opportunities, burnout, the next blog to publish and then… My H1 lessons. I know H1 ended a while ago, but the lessons are absolutely worth sharing.

There are four major lessons that I’m sure you’ll need to learn too.

1. Surround yourself with/ Study people whose reality are your goals.

Everyday on IG, I see people who do/ have done the things I’m doing, the businesses I would like to venture in and are doing well at it.

LoL… At some point, I was intimidated; You could be too. I thought getting into the same line would devalue what I have to offer coz I’m a starter.

They’re where I want to be. It’s their reality, and my own goal. So what more to do than letting myself learn from their failure and success stories? You’ll get intimidated or even have impostor syndrome, but let yourself learn. You can be IT, Okay?

2. Let your mind travel beyond your legs.

I personally think your mind is a great tool for greatness. The mind literally controls 95% of our lives, and what you think, you become. So, why not channel your energy into thinking the impossible that you desire.

Lmao… There’s no impossibility. Just your thought of it and a cupful of hardwork, and you’re game.

3. Keep practicing, so one day, your preparation will meet opportunities.

I pray when opportunities meet you, you would be ready to take them on. That you are not limiting and sabotaging yourself by not preparing for an opportunity.

Visualize stuff, take courses, learn, read, pray. LoL… It may seem like you’re just winging it and doing stuff for fun, but you’ll be surprised that what you’re taking with levity may eventually bring the best results.

Be ready to take on the world before it comes.

4. Give your 100%; Except you’re donating blood.

This right here is like my mantra. Put all your best in anything you find yourself doing, that’s how you excel.

Excellence is just not selling out in 24hrs or being at the top of the game 10 times in a row. Excellence is a mindset. It’s that thing that says ‘I’m going to make the best of this opportunity’. Excellence is how efficient you are with the limited resources you have, not necessarily the outcome. It’s consistency in your delivery and is very visible to those around you. But… You have to put in nothing less than a 100.

Sign off with excellence.


Till next time.

7 thoughts on “H1 Life lessons”

  1. “There’s no impossibility. Just your thought of it and a cupful of hardworking…” This is WISDOM!!!
    Giving 100% except blood 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Wow I love this blog…just reignited the fire of some decisions I made earlier before now.. concerning my visions.. God bless Teetoluwa☺️

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