Hope for Healing

Hey there… How’re you doing today, dear?

We’ve all been through negative situations in life. Most people even have tragic and traumatic pasts and all of that which start to shape our perception of both people and things around us.

Iono if I’m the only one that thinks that the word ‘Trauma’ sounds so cute…

However, as beautiful as the word sounds, it leaves you struggling with emotions, memories, feelings that seem to want to become your second skin.

It could also leave you disinterested, disconnected, and unable to trust other people- You start becoming so unnecessarily paranoid of the intention and motives of people around you.

You find it hard to love, trust, make friends and so on and your bad experiences begin to pull on you and you begin to attach it to your present life.


We’re not aware that most of the decisions we make, principles and standards we set are products of the things we’ve been through and while those decisions and standards are to activate common sense in us and ensure that our mistakes aren’t repeated or to keep us in check, some actually hurt the people around us and even deprive us of a lot of things from the people around us.

That place could be a really dark place to be, trust me. Coz you’re just so cynical about everything and everyone around you.

And then… THE HEALING!

Healing is an inside job.

Healing starts when you eventually embrace your TRUTH which means you have to acknowledge your hurt and why it hurts so bad.

How do you deal with the hurt?

Do you embrace it or suppress it?

What healthy ways do you have to express your hurt?

Let the hurt go! Forgive yourself! Forgive those who hurt you! Forget what they did to you! And MOVE ON coz you deserve Bold & Audacious Joy.

I’ll tell you something

If you decide to repress your feelings and act like all is well, thinking you’ve healed, you’ll be shocked at what your reaction will be when you get triggered. Like ‘No, baby… You have a lot of healing to do’.

Sometimes, you’re standing in your own way, intercepting the good things in your life and it’s your negativity about the world around you that’s holding you back.

TO BE VERY HONEST, You can’t possibly forget what they did to you. It’s quite impossible, I agree.

However, to forget means you don’t hold it against them any longer. In actual sense, whoever did ‘whatever’ probably already forgot, or maybe didn’t even realize they hurt you, and you’re here romanticizing the ‘wound’.

What they did could deserve slashing them with a sword on sight, or even pouring hot coals on them, but you see… Forgiving and healing helps you become a better person, not someone with some awful vibe, coz whether you believe it or not, the experiences will reflect in your interactions with people.

Stop carrying old experiences into new relationships; not everyone is your Ex or your Wicked Uncle. It’s more like constantly looking at the rear mirror while you’re driving… It’s only a matter of time before you jam Agbako.


Heal, so that when someone says ‘You’re beautiful’, you won’t deflect the compliment.

Heal, so that when someone tells you something with assurance, you let yourself believe them.

Heal, so that the good people who’ll propel your life to move forward won’t be sent off by your cold attitude.

Heal, so that you won’t deflect true love, thinking it’s a plot to get under.

Heal, so that you won’t gaslight and box yourself in just because your teachers called you a dullard when you were much younger.

P.S: You are so much more and you deserve to be happy.
HEAL! The world deserves YOU!

There’s so much light and awesomeness in you, but you may need to HEAL to let it out.

You need a reason to?

The world is waiting for you! That’s the only motivation you need.

With love,

Teetoluwa 馃枻

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