What are you afraid of?

Hey there, friend.

What do you wish you had the courage to do?

You might have a few things you’re scared to do. Say… Sing or speak in public, say yes or say no, start a business, take the leap, say sorry, forgive, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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No, I’m not preaching about fears right now, but I won’t. You know your fears and do not need anyone to tell you about them.

But in the long run,
1. That thing you’re afraid of isn’t that serious, tho.
2. The outcomes you’re making up in your head aren’t really like you think.

Don’t be scared to fail. I mean… It’s easier said than done, right?

But yo… I used to think that before, but I realized failing is not a bad thing like that like that, you know. It’s good to make mistakes to redirect your traction too. And like Salem said, ‘Failing is a fundamental human right’. So, let me exercise my human right, as long as I’ll grow from it.

I mean… If in your church, they tell you failure is bad, you’re not alone. They do in my church too.

This is just me saying that sometimes, it’s inevitable. It’s a prerequisite for success, kinda.

So, here’s the thing…

If you take a risk, stepping out to do something new (maybe starting a business) and you fail at it, you’ll probably feel bad and want to quit.

However, if you decide to start afresh, taking into consideration the factors that made you fail in the first place, you have learnt, and you won’t make the same mistakes anymore.
Well, you might make new mistakes, but you’ll only repeat the ones you made and supposedly learnt from again if you’re dumb.

And I know you’re not. Or are you?

Well… Don’t blame your fears.
They are only trying to keep you safe, And that’s a veryyyy loving thing they do for you, but they can hold you back from the things you need or want.

“Do the thing you fear the most and the death of fear will be certain”

Fear is one of the ways your inner critic tries to help save you from embarrassment because it cares so much about you and what we do most times is try to shut it up by pushing it away.

However, you can’t sit and listen to what your fears are saying to you because you know there are risks in life and you want to take those risks because there’s a lot of magic seated on the inside of you.

That’s surprisingly a more effective approach.

Thank your fears for the job they’ve done so far, and work out your next move from there. Feed on your fears!


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