The Grace of Rock Bottom

Hi there, Fella!
The thought of how surprised you must be to see this post is making me grin so heavily.

How’s 2023 been for you, so far?
We’ve now entered into Q2 and I wish you nothing but the best, okay?

I received messages asking when I’d be back while I was away coz Omo… I’ve been ‘off-here’ for five months, and I think I’m semi-fully settled enough to be back here.
Did you miss me?

Speaking seriously now…

I’ve been away because at some point in 2022, I almost hit rock bottom. God was putting me through a test that almost broke me and made me see myself less, and at very many instances, even though I knew they were false.

You know when you’ve been doing things for so long and you’ve been making so much progress and someone comes to tell you and make you feel you’re not good enough, or at what you do just because you don’t succumb to their way of doing things, which involves maltreating you?
Yes! That! That happened, and really, I felt so inadequate for a larger part of the last quarter of 2022.

Did I know it was a test? Absolutely.
Was I mad at God? Yes, because his choices do not ever make sense!
Did I want it all to end? Well, you would.

Did I voluntarily choose to let God take his time even though it was killing me and it was only a matter of time before I hit chair on somebody’s mother (jokes)? Yesssss

Because really… As long as it is God, when he says ‘sit still and watch’ when you think you should be moving? It is still a form of movement.
Because it is God nowwwww. No matter how worse he has made things for you, he can cough and everything becomes best. Except of course, he doesn’t ever make this worse.

So, am I better now?
100%, by God’s grace.

And fast forward to 2023, I have never been so sure of who I am and what I bring to the table. I have never found so much clarity and confidence in myself and my abilities like I have this year.

Last year, I almost hit rock bottom, but there was a Grace for Rock Bottom.
That Grace doesn’t only see you through that season, it also teaches you to depend on God for life and living, because brooo…

If you do not need saving so badly, you wouldn’t realize that God is capable of saving, and you only need his breath to make things work.

if you don’t have a need so badly and realize that God is the only person to turn to, you’d never fully understand why He’s called Jireh.
If all of your wisdom isn’t reduced to naught so that he can refine you and make you better, you’d not know the possibility of having and being more.

So, there’s a grace for rock Bottom and it’s dynamic, because as much as he’ll stand by you and see you through, he’ll teach you to find your rest in him, the Lord of the Sabbath.

So, do you have a problem at the moment?
Are you going through so much that you feel you can’t discuss with anyone?
Do you feel God is testing your patience and you might just lose it because he’s not speaking, so you’re so anxious?


Whatever obstacles or challenges you may be facing, know that God is with you every step of the way and that He loves You; Just enter your Sabbath and stay there.

That’s all I came to tell you… and uhm, welcome to a new dispensation.

So, as you start today, and enter fully into Q2, I pray that you experience and realize the length, breath, depth, and height of Abba’s love for you. And that you receive Grace to stay with and in him even if things begin to go awry, listening for and to his voice.
That he grants you clarity and resources to pull your goals through.

Uhmm… May he also remind you that there’s a comments section under this post, and that my DM is not the place to comment on my blogposts.

I’m so glad I got to write to you today.
Buttt… Are you glad that I’m back?

14 thoughts on “The Grace of Rock Bottom”

  1. Yes, I’m glad you’re back. Babe I’ve been in this rock bottom for close to 7 months now nad I’m trying to be still but the stillness is not stilling. Just as you’ve received strength to come back 100%, I will hold on so that I can be a testimony too cos omo I can’t wait for this period to be over. GOD bless you.

    1. Awww. You’re not alone, boo. God is right there, cheering you. Just let his lead, okay?
      Eventually, the things that are putting us down are not even capable of doing that, we’re just letting them.
      So, just wait and see how God will work it out.

      My heart’s with you.❤️

      1. Thank you🥰 I’m definitely screenshotting this for keeps and reminders. Keep writing, don’t stop. I don’t mind receiving mails too. And when you think that your writing isn’t enough, remember I’ll be cheering you up🤍

  2. In my head I screamed “five months?!”😂 While in school I was thinking about the ones I’ve missed or you stopped sending to me because I was away for long… Well God kind of had hand in the pause for a moment.

    You’re ever encouraging and a blessing to me and many! I love you, Feranmi.

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