The weight of waiting II


Thank you for the love on the first part of this blogpost. I mean, suddenly, everyone could relate to what it means to wait on God.

I pray that you find the strength to wait more, if he needs you to.

And then… quite a number of questions came in on how to manage and what to do while waiting on God, and that’s what you’re gonna be reading about today!

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In times of uncertainty and adversity, it’s very likely to turn to our faith and seek guidance from other people asides God.

As established in the last blogpost and with first-hand experience, waiting on God can be a challenging and trying experience, but it can also be a time of personal growth, reflection, and spiritual deepening.

However, wwhen you’re waiting on God, but he seems to be in ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode… you need to understand that:

1. Waiting on God often requires a great deal of patience. Understand that divine plans may not align with your timeline. Patience is not passive; it’s an active practice of trust and endurance. Use this time to strengthen your patience and surrender your need for immediate answers.

2. Engage in prayer and meditation regularly. It’s an excellent way to stay connected with God and maintain peace during the waiting period.

Even when you have surrendered it all to God, keep praying about it. It will help you discern the will of God more clearly as you seek guidance, and remind you that God hasn’t forgotten you even though you’re waiting.

Live with this: ‘and when we pray according to his will, we know that he heareth us and won’t he do it?’. (Check 1 John 5:14-15 for more context)

Delve into texts and scriptures about people who waited. Talk of David, Abraham and Sarah, Noah, Esther… who else can you think of??

They weren’t perfect. They had doubts. One of them even scoffed at Angel coz she couldn’t see reason with him. They waited tens and hundreds of years for the promise. They made mistakes and were redirected.

Seek wisdom, solace, and guidance in the words of faith. The stories and teachings within these texts can help your own journey. They aren’t there just for fun; they’re there to affirm that if God did it before, he’ll do it again. Cheer up, he won’t let you do life all by yourself. He’s got a hold on your feet.

3. Waiting on God often provides an opportunity for introspection. Reflect on your life, your actions, and your goals. Opportunities come to everyone, but the people who truly get a hold of it are the people who are prepared for it.

Ask him… ‘Why am I waiting now? What’s the purpose of my waiting? Learning? Shadow work?

Consider whether your current path aligns with your values and beliefs. Use this time to make necessary adjustments.

4. Don’t hesitate to lean on your faith community or seek guidance from spiritual leaders.

I honestly can’t overemphasize belonging to a Christian community and having godly friends👀

Sharing your struggles and questions with people who share your faith can provide you with perspectives and emotional support when you need it. Try that out!

5. Maintain an attitude of gratitude. Even when things aren’t working, WE KNOW that he’s working them out. Even in times of waiting, WE KNOW that there are blessings to be found.

Only fools aren’t grateful. Gratitude can help you focus on the positive aspects of your life and maintain a hope. And I tell you that because I know that!

You need to trust that there is a divine plan, even if it’s not obvious at the moment. Trusting in God’s wisdom and timing can provide peace and relieve the anxiety and weight of waiting.

I like this song so much:

Even when I don’t see it, you’re working. Even when I don’t feel it, you’re working. You never stop, You never stop working!

Again… I hope that you understand the breadth, depth, height and length of God’s love for you. I also hope you realize that God is never late and if you have what you’re asking for a little too early, it might be the end of you. So, God is keeping both you and it until the right time.

And please, allow me to steal Olabisi’s signature…

God loves you, So do I.


9 thoughts on “The weight of waiting II”

  1. This number 4 has really helped me though at first i was looking at it like it is a see finish something. Thank you for the other steps

  2. This is exactly it. I am in my waiting season and I have cried so many times, but in all of these tears, I have thanked God, reflected, meditated, and more importantly, I have grown! It’s unbelievable, but yes, I have grown. The strength I lacked at the beginning of my waiting season has been restored. Although I am still waiting, I am now joyful. I have held onto Galatians 4. Most times, God allows you to wait because He wants you to grow to the point where you can manage and maintain the blessings you have asked for.

  3. Thanks Feranmi, I’m currently at this phase but I believe God will do it for me, There’s nothing too hard for God to do😁

  4. As this waiting thing no dey ever finish for this kingdom wey we dey, we still go wait till the bridegroom comes. Thanks for the tips. A big bro told me yesterday that, the things we do in our present state in time (now) while waiting on GOD would determine if our older self in probably 5yrs time( which is still a “now”in time) would be grateful for or wish we had done. Better said, in your waiting, do what would bring about a better you, that the next you would be grateful for. Much love for you sis❤

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