The weight of waiting

Welcome, dear reader. It’s been a while. Tell me, how have you being?

Life has so much encouraged us to seek instant gratification and the weight of waiting on God can be one of life’s greatest challenges, but it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences we can ever have.

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Waiting is hard.

We’ve all been there, impatiently stamping our feet in line, pacing around the hallway or refreshing our email for a response. Well, waiting on God takes this to another level.

It becomes annoying when we’re then told to be patient, but that’s the only way. As long as it’s God making you wait, there’s a reason for the waiting. He’s not late, he’s not delaying, it’s just not his time yet.

And since it’s not yet his time, it’s not yet yours, so all you have to do is wait. Do otherwise, and you’ll be dipping your finger into God’s pot of soup.

Patience isn’t just about anticipating THE TIME; it’s about developing resilience, trust, and inner peace. Understanding that if God doesn’t do it, no one else will. And if someone else would, it won’t be as perfect as God would have.

Try this: Take a moment to write down something you’re waiting for in your life right now. What could you learn from being patient in this situation?

You need to trust that God knows what’s best for you, even when you can’t see it, and that is the core of waiting on God.

It’s like walking in the dark, guided only by faith, especially if you’re scared of the dark, or you don’t know if you’ll hit your leg on something, you know… but walking regardless because God put you there in the first place, and so, he has cleared your path. So, even if you hit your leg, there’s a reason for it.

Waiting isn’t a passive activity.

I have had my fair share of painful and tear-soaked waiting and I can tell you that it’s an opportunity for personal growth. Kindness, resilience, empathy and above all, TRUST in God. Those are some of the attributes I developed. It’s so deep that if I go through something again, the first thing that comes to mind is that God has a reason for it and it’s another waiting period for me.

But you need to really know if God’s really making you wait. You may think you’re waiting, but the set back is really not from God, but from other factors which could be your lifestyle, manners, disposition towards others.

I shared my story on trusting God and just doing what he wants because he knows what he’s doing, even if you don’t like it. You can read it here.

You’d think because God directed me there, it will be problem-free, but no… I saw shege. But guess what… I couldn’t leave! God didn’t allow me!

I wanted to. Oh, I snapped so many times. I loved the kids I was taking, but the moment I stated boundaries between my ‘corp member’ self and the management, rubbish attitude began, and I almost left, but I just couldn’t coz God said it was a test. I had to pass it.
Eventually, it made sense why I had to wait- Divine timing!

At the time, I didn’t want it. If not for home training, I would have screamed at someone’s mother multiple times, but I had to find peace in waiting. Not because I wanted to wait (again), but because GOD WANTED ME TO WAIT, and there was nothing I could do about it.- I wasn’t going to lose out on God’s big plans for me just because I didn’t want to be bullied.

I knew only God can help me. Asides my skills, and God’s grace and spirit upon and within me, I don’t have anything else. So, why not wait for what he wants to do? He already promised that all things continue to work together for me, so, he can’t possibly lead me astray.

At the end of my time there, it made more sense why I had to stay back irrespective of the bullying.

It was fascinating how everything eventually fell into place when it was supposed to.

My love, remember that waiting on God may be difficult, but it’s a journey worth taking. It’s a path of personal growth and profound peace. So, embrace the waiting, coz in the end, it may just be the best thing ever.

Share your own experiences in the comments – when was a time you struggled with waiting for something in your life?


18 thoughts on “The weight of waiting”

  1. Omoooo, waiting can be hard. The koko is, how do you encourage yourself during that time of waiting? What do you do during those times?

  2. Waiting hurts while molds you.
    Break you to conform to Christ’s image.
    Waiting is tough and resilience, trust, and strength are my greatest cry in a time such as this.

    As I wait for service, it’s tough to just stay back when my colleagues are out there moving things…
    God help me.

    1. My colleagues were also doing stuff while I was waiting for service too. In fact, them going for service before me was another achievement I thought they had ahead of me. I cried. LoL… how petty.

      Today??? I’m grateful for the little steps and where I am right now. God knows what he’s doing. If I didn’t wait, I wouldn’t have gotten my first job. I wouldn’t have known my strengths that led to my business rn. So… As you stay back, stay in God’s will. Things will work out!

      1. “It pays to wait in God” Thank you for sharing.
        I’ll hold on to the fact that he’s never going to let me down.
        Beautiful piece 🌹thanks for replying.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful reminder, Teeto.
    My most recent experience is the period after my NYSC. I couldn’t believe what I was asked to wait for. In short, it was as if my own waiting period was extended because I felt like time was running out and I was supposed to move on to the next.
    You see that waiting period? It was filled with so many nights of waterworks. I even avoided social media during that period because it wasn’t helping.

    But today, I can say that it was worth the wait! Really!.

    1. Really!! Thanks for sharing, Bekah. We all don’t know why because God’s choice doesn’t always make sense. But in the enddddddddd…. it’s better off. More than anything!

  4. I guess believers cannot do without waiting. It’s a part of our life journey, cos how would I think in done with a particular waiting stage and then another comes?😄

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