In God’s hands.

My love. You’re gonna be alright. God’s working it all out. You’re right at the centre of his will. When you don’t know what to do, ask that his will be done. You’re in safe hands; You’re in God’s hands.

The weight of waiting

You need to trust that God knows what’s best for you, even when you can’t see it, and that is the core of waiting on God.

Be Lighted

That’s what God expects of you. That’s what you should be to the world. Light that shines bright, infiltrating the dark places of the earth. You know…

The Grace of Rock Bottom

There’s a grace for rock Bottom and it’s dynamic, because as much as he’ll stand by you and see you through, he’ll teach you to find your rest in him, the Lord of the Sabbath.

This ‘Purpose’ thing

Purpose is an unfolding path and not a plan. You don’t find out what your purpose is and have it in the palms of your hands so you won’t loose it. It starts from what you’re doing now and how faithful you are to it.