self development

The weight of waiting II

As established in the last blogpost and with first-hand experience, waiting on God can be a challenging and trying experience, but it can also be a time of personal growth, reflection, and spiritual deepening.

However, when you’re waiting, you need to understand these.

Hey you, word explorer

Every word you say has the power to create ripples. Choose words that empower and uplift, you might just be making someone’s day, week, or even year. So go forth, sprinkle kindness, and let your words be a force for good.

What pride really is

The longer we delay knowing who we really are, the more we will be unsure whether how we live our lives are our mere responses to what people say or are truly the life God wants for us to live, and the lives we ourselves want to live.

Impostor Syndrome

Do you think you’re living a lie?? Well, then, everyone is. Everyone is a fraud. Everyone feels like a fraud. There’s something everyone is doing well but they don’t feel enough, so they deflect compliments and think it’s not a big deal.

Needless Pain

The beauty of your life is not dependent on the things you have, it’s in the fact that Abba is in it. He makes all things beautiful.

Dealing with Rejection

If you allow one rejection to damper your self-worth and hold you back, it can have far-reaching consequences, as small as it may be in reality.